Monday, March 8, 2010

Months later... :)

Hey everybody...if there's still an everybody...I'm awful with new posts, so here goes the first post in months! :)

Livy is almost 10 months old...her hobbies include; saying "oh", shrugging her shoulders, giggling, pointing and saying "Dadadadadada" over and over again when she gets excited. She's a ray of sunshine in our home and going to make an awesome big sister!

Speaking of being a big most of you well know by now...we're expecting another baby girl (due June 11th). :) Excited not to have to buy a bunch of new clothes and really excited to watch the 'sister' relationship unfold. :) Side note-- the pregnancy is going pretty well, just starting to feel a bit like a walrus these days! lol... :)

Steve and I have some small, but hopefully obtainable goals for our house this spring. Hoping to re-do the porch, get a new mailbox and such...hopefully all in time for Livy's 1st birthday bash! :)

Heading to Branson next weekend with family and then I'm off to Cleveland, TN for a girls' weekend on the 25th! Can't wait--though I'm sure to miss Livy!

Love to you all!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Waaaay overdue post! :)

It's been way too long folks! Sorry about
Here's what's new: I quit my full time job at New Balance back in September to stay home with Ms.'s been wonderful (though there are days I can't look at the same 4 walls for one more second :) )
OH and as soon as I quit...found out a week later that we were expecting our second baby!! CRAZY, I know...unexpected and scary but definitely a blessing. :) Due date should be around June 8th...
Livy is now 6 months old and to come soon. Her cheeks are big and kissable and the rest of her is still pretty petite. She giggles and smiles and warms our hearts daily. She's our favorite little girl in the whole world! OH and she recently started baby food and is quite fond of her daddy's home-grown zucchini! Thanks to Grandma Karen for getting it to the perfect texture. :)
The weather is getting colder, which unfortunately often means work is getting slimmer for Steve...prayers are much appreciated. :) Soon though, he'll be remodeling a foreclosure as a side job...which will be a blessing.
We are REALLY looking forward to our first Christmas with Livy...can't wait till we can feed her Christmas "tookies" ;) Can't wait to put the tree up either. :)
Well guess that's all for now...
Can't wait to see you...Brian, Carrie, Corrie and Mary :)
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!---love--the Powells

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too Early for the Birds and Bees?

Went for a visit the other day to Cory and Melissa's! Carter was in his birthday suit running around and having fun! He naturally was wanting to see the "bebe" Melissa broke out the camera and here's what we got! :)

Seriously though, how cute would these pictures be if they actually wound up together? :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What we've been up to....

Well, it's been a pretty busy last couple of weeks. I went back to work...
It's kind of like a rat race getting Livy to and from each day, but we're adjusting. She's with a wonderful sitter named Kim and is always smiling at her...things are going well.
Steve's been painting the interior of a church and trying to keep busy these days...with a slight lull in work.
Livy is growing like a weed. More pics to come later this week...
She's long and chunking up a little bit...especially in her cheeks, which we love and are perfectly suited for kisses! Livy's also been cooing a lot more and manages to let out half giggles every now and then, which is adorable. We cherish every second with that girl! Oh yeah, and something ELSE she does that's adorable (sorry, I'm a huge fan)...while she eats, she loves to cup her ear with her little hand and plays with the back of her hair. It's the sweetest thing... :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Baby Girl :)

This is our baby girl in a nutshell! Our good friend Ash took this picture while visiting TN a few weeks ago. Livy is happy, sweet and most of the time..content! She's been cooing and grasping things lately. We can't believe how fast time is going... :(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Loving Livy...

Well we are officially enthralled in parenthood! And we love it! Livy is so precious...has the sweetest spirit and often gets the hiccups--which ticks her and we understand. :) We are having some difficulty getting pics up, so please bear with us...promise to post some soon. A special thanks to everyone who cooked us meals and brought us goodies--we love you all! :)